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How to Apply & Remove Vinyl Decals

How to Apply & Remove Vinyl Decals Provide By Cool Gifts USA


How to Apply Decals:




How to Remove Decals:
There are many ways to safely remove decals from any surface. Of course you should always be careful while removing decals, expecially if using a razor blade.

Decals on the window can be easily removed using the below suggestions:

• Determine whether the decal comes off by simply peeling it with you finger nail. If the sticker hasn't been on for too long, you can usually peel it off easily.

• Wet the window decal and let it moisten for a couple of minutes. Then scrape away at the sticker using a razor, scraper or putty knife.

• Use plain white vinegar instead of water if the car decal is resistant. Moisten the decal with white vinegar, then scrape away at the sticker again using your sharp instrument. Continue to add vinegar as needed to keep it wet while you scrape.

• Heat the decal with a hair dryer if it's still stuck. Use the low heat setting on the hair dryer and place it only a couple of inches away from the sticker. While using the hair dryer, use another hand to peel off the sticker.

• Purchase a commercial solution such as WD-40 if all the other natural methods fail to remove the car decal. Spray the car decal with the solution, and you should be able to remove it easily by hand or with help from your razor, scraper or putty knife.

• Another option for removing window decals easily is to spray it with a commercial adhesive remover. If the decal is on your car window, then be sure to purchase a commercial adhesive remover designed specifically for cars. You can usually purchase this at most auto parts or discount stores.

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